Early Intervention and Integrated Care

The INW PCP is working with member agencies to strengthen the primary health system to deliver person-centred, accessible, early intervention and integrated care. This work aims to keep people as well as possible for as long as possible, particularly people with complex care needs.

Strategies include:

  • Collaboratively improve communication practices among member agencies to improve the transition of care between providers and reduce the need for consumers to retell their stories
  • Work with member agencies to identify and address access barriers, particularly for local priority populations
  • Develop and implement local agreements for care planning and care coordination within and across member agencies
  • Facilitate implementation of systematic inter-agency care pathways for defined consumer cohorts, using evidence based guidelines
  • Support continued system based improvements for early identification and intervention for priority target populations.

The INW PCP currently has projects and initiatives underway in the following areas:

Care Planning

Identifying and Responding to Family Violence

Healthy Ageing


Service Coordination