What is INCEPT 2.0?

INCEPT 2.0 is an online, interactive collective evaluation resource that provides organisations with some consistent measures and avenues for shared data collection in prevention of family violence and all forms of violence against women. The aim of INCEPT 2.0 is to create a platform for shared evaluation in prevention of violence against women and gender equity work.


Video summary of INCEPT 2.0

This brief video outlines the key points of difference of INCEPT 2.0 – an online, interactive collective evaluation resource.



Why are we creating INCEPT 2.0?

Counting on change, a first attempt to enable consistency in monitoring and evaluation of prevention of family violence, acknowledges that one of the key challenges for tracking progress in prevention of family violence is the absence of data collection mechanisms (Our Watch, 2017).

While recently monitoring indicators have been developed at a National level, there remains no minimum data set requirement for monitoring prevention of violence against women across States and Territories in Australia.

There is limited local level guidance on how to apply population level indicators to prevention of violence against women projects. INCEPT 2.0 provides some example indicators based on the setting and approach of the prevention work occurring. The INW PCP Prevention Alliance and other organisations are currently testing the platform to ensure it meets local practice needs for prevention work.



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