INCEPT Project Background

**Please note that INCEPT 2.0 is not publicly available at this stage. We are testing the INCEPT 2.0 online evaluation resource with our partner organisations. For queries, please contact


The Inner North West Collaborative Evaluation Project (INCEPT) began in 2011 as a partnership between the INW PCP Prevention Alliance  (the Alliance) and the University of Melbourne and was informed by elements of a collective impact framework. Its primary focus was to develop a joint framework  for agencies to define and monitor common indicators and progress measures in PVAW work. This included co-designed evaluation indicators and sample survey questions that could be applied to various PVAW projects.

In 2017, the Alliance was awarded a Community Partnerships for Primary Prevention grant to support INCEPT’s further development by engaging and working with a broader range of priority population groups and settings. INCEPT 2.0 expands on this collective work and aims to enhance accessibility, and facilitate and support consistent evaluation practice. It provides flexibility and interactive evaluation support for local level projects.

INCEPT 2.0’s development has been informed by national, state and regional frameworks as well as community projects, which were scoped by the Alliance in conjunction with its partners, to better understand the context of PVAW and gender equity work on the ground. The following frameworks have informed INCEPT 2.0:

  • Change the Story
  • Counting on Change
  • Free from Violence
  • Safe and Strong
  • Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Framework (Domain 2)



INCEPT Project Overview                            INCEPT Evaluation Report

INCEPT Overview                


INCEPT 2.0 Evaluation Report