On 11 October 2019 the Department of Health and Human Services advised that PCPs across Victoria will now have their funding extended from 31st December 2019 to the 30th June 2020, during which time an external review will be commissioned to evaluate the Statewide PCP program.

The decision follows an extended period of funding uncertainty as since 30th June 2017 PCPs have been operating under expired Program Logic and reporting requirements.

In September 2019 VIC PCP launched a #SecurePCPsFuture advocacy campaign page on the VIC PCP website http://vicpcp.org.au/securepcpsfuture/

VIC PCP also conducted a state-wide survey of all PCPs to gather information to support the advocacy efforts. 27 PCPs completed the survey and the results have been presented in the key messages document as well as in the infographic format highlighting the value add and return on investment that PCPs deliver.

The purpose of the campaign page is to be a central repository of all resources and information for local Members of Parliament (MPs), all PCPs and their members and other organsiations and peak bodies who expressed interest in advocating for ongoing funding for PCPs.

On 23 October DHHS informed PCPs that KPMG has been commissioned to undertake the review and have commenced work on developing the review methodology.

The scope of the review is to:

  • Review the function and impacts of the PCP Program model in Victoria.
  • Explore the effectiveness of the PCP Program in a contemporary primary care landscape.
  • Capture the learnings from the PCP Program to date.

The Department has committed to working with PCPs to plan the way forward, discussing how PCPs can participate in the review, and how PCP program learnings can be captured. Timelines for the release of the review and its recommendations are pending.

What we stand to lose across Victoria:

  • 28 established local health partnerships across  Victoria
  • 19 years experience in partnership brokering
  • Strong, vibrant networks that connect more than 800 organisations across the state
  • Better health and well being outcomes for Victorians in the places where they live.

For more detail on the quality and diversity of PCPs work see Contributing to better health and well being outcomes for our communities: Examples from around Victoria

What we stand to lose in Melbourne’s inner north west:

  • Support to maintain the relationships we have established in our 19 years together
  • Resources for innovation, quality improvement, research, workforce development, community engagement
  • Support to coordinate our prevention efforts
  • Support to implement government policy
  • Help in bringing more resources into Melbourne’s inner north west.

View INW PCP’s achievements in 2018 and 2019

How you can help:

If you find benefit in working with Inner North West Primary Care Partnership, please consider supporting the Vic PCP advocacy campaign by:

For information and resources to assist you advocate to secure funding for PCPs visit VICPCP.