Strategic Plan

INW PCP Strategic Directions

The INW PCP Strategic Directions 2017-21 have been developed as part of a collaborative process between INW PCP members and stakeholders who participated in a series of consultations over a 12 month period.

A discussion paper was developed in late 2016 to help inform the INW PCP Strategic Planning process and future directions.

The paper provides an overview of INW PCP’s current internal and external operating context and information about some of its current related planning activities.

INW PCP Discussion Paper and Environmental Scan

The Strategic Directions represent the collaborative work and shared vision of the partnership and provide a clear direction for our work together over the next four years.

The partnership have identified four  key Pillars for Action; Leadership, Partnership, System Strengthening and Advocacy & Influence.

If you would like a hard copy of the Strategic Directions, please contact Barbara Paolini at


Gender Equity and Prevention of Violence Against Women

Policy Statement for Inner North West Primary Care Partnership

This policy statement outlines Inner North West Primary Care Partnership’s commitment to gender equity and the prevention of violence against women.


Violence against women is a human rights issue and a major public health problem. Women’s right to live free from violence is recognised in international agreements as a fundamental human right. The health, social and economic costs of violence against women are profound. Violence against women has severe impacts upon the health of women, their families and friends, employers, employees, communities and society in general. Violence against women comes in many forms and occurs in all socio-economic, age and cultural groups and locations in Australia.

Inner North West Primary Care Partnership recognises that the violence is never caused, invited or deserved by women and is always unacceptable.

We recognise that violence against women is prevalent, pervasive, serious and costly and that the underlying cause of violence against women is gender inequality and rigid gender roles.  Gender inequality exists in Australia on many levels and requires redress.

 Our commitment:

By naming Prevention of Violence Against Women as a key priority area, and as a signatory and proud partner of the Preventing Violence Together: Western Region Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women and Building a Respectful Community – Preventing Violence Against Women – A Strategy for the Northern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne, Inner North West Primary Care Partnership is committed to preventing violence against women before it occurs by promoting gender equity.

Inner North West Primary Care Partnership will promote gender equity in our workplace and in the communities in which we work. We will model gender equity and consider the impact gender has on all our policies and programs. We will positively influence and contribute to creating non-violent communities by modelling non-violent, equitable and respectful behaviour at all times. We will work towards changing attitudes, beliefs, cultures and structures that support violence against women.

We will encourage ongoing commitment by all Inner North West Primary Care Partnership members to take action to prevent violence against women and promote gender equity in their workplaces and communities.