Secure Messaging and e Health

Consumer information needs to be transmitted securely in order to meet the privacy legislation and agency accreditation requirements.  Encryption, a system to secretly code the message, is a way to make an email secure and meet national standards for secure messaging.  Unencrypted emails and faxes are not secure and transmitting consumer information in this way is a high risk practice.

The benefits of adopting secure messaging systems can include:

  • Confidentiality, security and legibility of message content
  • Referral data (de-identified) is logged for monitoring and audit
  • Built in functions for acknowledgement referral has been received
  • Integration with the National Health Services Directory

The INW PCP promotes secure communication of client information via two vendors:


Connectingcare is a comprehensive web-based directory of health and community services integrated with a secure messaging and referral system. It is integrated with the National Health Service Directory. Connectingcare meets national messaging standards. Users associated with a site can send messages; there is now interoperability with Argus.

For more information and support visit Connectingcare  or contact the Health & Community Services Team at HealthConnex on T: 1800 913 914

You can also learn more about Connectingcare by reading their brochure.

Infoxchange (S2S)

Service-to-Service (S2S) applications are designed to promote inter-agency communication, making it simpler to effectively coordinate client care.  S2S facilitates the sharing of information (with appropriate consumer consent), building a client history that extends beyond a single service or agency.  S2S leverages on the Infoxchange Service Seeker database and also links to the National Health Services Directory for interoperability with Argus for referral communication with General Practice. For information and support visit S2S4networks or call: 03 9418 7466.



If you would like further information about e-referral and secure messaging, or would like to know of other local agencies who use Connecting Care or Infoxchange S2S, please contact INW PCP Project Coordinator Emily Buchanan  T: 9389 2263.