Social Inclusion

In order to shift complex health and social issues we need to work in collaboration and share knowledge, expertise and resources.  Acknowledging this, DHHS have advised that health promotion funded agencies and local government need to align effort by identifying regional priorities where possible.

We worked with our prevention partners and other relevant stakeholders to increase organisational and system readiness to adopt social inclusion as a shared prevention priority across the west and inner north catchment. 


INW PCP Social Inclusion Measurement Project

In 2018, INW PCP Prevention Alliance identified monitoring and evaluation of social inclusion activity as a key priority for collaborative work. In response, INW PCP commissioned Trezona Consulting Group to undertake the Social Inclusion Measurement Project. This used a co-design approach to develop a set of core indicators and measures for monitoring and evaluating social inclusion practice by INW PCP and HealthWest partner agencies across nine local government areas.


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INW PCP Social Inclusion Monitoring and Evaluation Resource

In 2021 INW PCP undertook a second phase of the Social Inclusion Measurement Project to further support partner organisations to understand and apply the Social Inclusion Framework within their organisation, as well as to collect social inclusion data in a way that enables collective monitoring and evaluation across the region. Trezona Consulting Group was again commissioned to undertake this work.

Specifically, the project aimed to:

  • Develop a Theory of Change that describes the social inclusion activities being implemented by partners, and the intended outcomes of this work
  • Identify the indicators most relevant for monitoring and evaluating the social inclusion activities being implemented
  • Develop specific data collection questions that partners will use to monitor and evaluate their social inclusion activities.

A series of workshops and survey activities were conducted with the INW PCP Prevention Alliance and other stakeholders between September 2021 and January 2022. These processes informed the development of the Theory of Change and data collection questions presented in this resource.   Link