Inner West Area Mental Health Alliance

Introduction to the Inner West Area Mental Health Alliance Partners

The intent of the Inner West (IW) Area Mental Health Alliance is to foster and promote the development of robust working alliances between clinical public mental health services and non government PDRS services within the inner west catchment area in order to develop a cohesive recovery and rehabilitation service system for adult consumers.

The members of the IW Alliance will work together to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Improved trust, cooperation and understanding    between services within each sector.
  • Improved health outcomes and continuity of care for the consumer target group.
  • More multi-disciplinary and integrated recovery, rehabilitation and care approaches
  • Best possible investment in public mental health services
  • Enhanced capacity for shared care
  • Improved clinical system throughput

The following services and organisations make up the Alliance:

Inner West Area Mental Health Service – The RMH: Level 2, 641 Mt. Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039 – Tel: 03 9377 3400

Inner West Area Mental Health Service – The Royal Melbourne Hospital provides a range of mental health services to people aged 16 – 65 years who are living with a severe mental illness. Multidisciplinary teams include doctors, occupational therapists, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers who work with consumers to assist them in their recovery journey. The evidence-based treatments provided include medications, psychological treatments such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy for psychosis and other conditions, family consultation and Multiple Family Group, peer support, vocation and employment services, physical health support, and assistance with reducing substance use and dealing with legal issues.

cohealth: 7 Chester St, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039 – Tel: 03 9377 7100

cohealth provides recovery based support services in the City of Melbourne and City of Moonee Valley to individuals in their home or in the community, who experience mental illness. Services are delivered to consumers to assist in their recovery journey. cohealth mental health teams seek to work together with the person, their families, carers and the local community to establish a support network that assists the person to recover from their mental illness and lead a meaningful life. The service is voluntary, and the duration of support is dependent on the consumer’s needs.

Neami National: 247 Rosanna Road, Rosanna VIC 3084 – Tel: 03 9481 3277

Neami National is a community mental health service supporting people to improve their health, live independently and pursue a life based on their own strengths, values and goals. We provide services across diverse communities in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, ranging from the inner-city and suburbs to regional and remote areas. Our vision is full citizenship for all people living with a mental illness in Australian society. Our mission is to improve mental health and wellbeing in local communities. Our values are self-determination, growth, partnerships, respect, empowerment, diversity, choice, learning, change, wellbeing, hope and quality.

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network/NWM PHN: Level 1, 369 Royal Parade, Parkville – Tel: 03 9347 1188

MIND Australia: 86-92 Mount Street, Heidelberg VIC 3084 – Tel: 1300 286 463

Integrated Recovery Plan Guidelines and Template

In the spirit of creating a cohesive recovery and rehabilitation service system for adult consumers, the Integrated Recovery Plan Guideline and  Template have been developed to build on existing efforts and practices that encompass service coordination and consumer participation.  These plans are used when a consumer is identified as being shared across more than one service and consents to share information with the workers and wider supports involved in their recovery.

Inner West Area Mental Health Alliance Protocol

This protocol provides guidance for minimum Department of Health & Human Services levels of communication and coordination between services in order to foster a more effective working relationship towards the development of a cohesive rehabilitation and recovery package for shared consumers.

The partners of the Inner West Are Mental Health Alliance have agreed to the protocols included within this documents.

CBD Homelessness Health Access Protocol

Service Coordination Tool Templates

The Department of Health & Human Services Service Coordination Tool Templates (SCTT) facilitates and supports service coordination among health and human services providers. They provide information and data standards, so service providers and the department can electronically share standardised information.

Service providers can use the SCTT to collect and record an initial contact with a person, do an initial needs identification (INI), refer the person, and coordinate the person’s care across services and over time. In this way, the SCTT improves screening and assessment, information collection and sharing, referrals and feedback.

Contact Details

If you require further information about the Inner West Area Mental Health Alliance please contact the

Personal Assistant to Inner West Area Manager, NorthWestern Mental Health
2nd Floor, 641 Mount Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds 3039
Ph: (03) 9377 3400

Photo featured courtesy of cohealth.

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