About Us

The Inner North West Primary Care Partnership (INW PCP) brings together 46 partner organisations operating in the Inner North West region of metropolitan Melbourne. We aim to improve community health and wellbeing by building a stronger, more integrated service system through a collective impact approach supported by four pillars for action: leadership, partnership, system strengthening, and advocacy and influence.

Our vision is founded on a social model of health. We seek to strengthen relationships with primary care, acute and community sectors; where our primary prevention and access and equity focus intersects with their delivery of early intervention and other services to our shared communities.

Our work supports alignment with key policy directions of the Department of Health including its Strategic Plan 2019-20, the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2019-23 and outcomes framework, and Health 2040; with Statewide PCP directions and local government municipal public health and wellbeing planning, and other policy and planning directions such as those emerging from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Healthy and equitable communities

Strong partnerships supporting prevention, access and equity through collective action

We will achieve our vision and purpose through:

  • Collaboration
  • Equity
  • Evidence-based
  • Prevention focus
  • Innovation
  • Courage

We developed this key messages document to highlight who we are and what we do.

Here is a summary of what we achieved as a partnership over the past four years:

INW PCP Achievements 2021

INWPCP Achievements 2020

INWPCP Achievements 2019

INWPCP Achievements 2018

INW PCP Achievements 2017

Victorian  Primary Care Partnerships

INW PCP is one of 28 Primary Care Partnerships across Victoria that is funded by the Victorian Department of Health as part of its Primary Care Partnership strategy. Since they were introduced by the Victorian Government in 2000, PCPs have become a vital component of the Victorian healthcare system.

PCPs facilitate partnerships with a wide range of health and social service providers and community groups; and they support collaboration and service integration.

Primary Care Partnerships achieve improved health and wellbeing outcomes for the community by:

  1. Building capacity of local services in evidence based population health planning, evaluation and program implementation
  2. Facilitating workforce development and system reforms
  3. Strengthening partnership, communication and collaboration
  4. Integrating health promotion initiatives
  5. Improving and integrating chronic illness care
  6. Supporting the Co-ordination of services to improve the clients journey

Victorian Primary Care Partnerships key messages document.

The Future Directions Framework outlines key priority areas, clearly defines PCP role and function, is underpinned by key principles, our focus is on the Key Pillars in Health 2040 and our outcomes align with the Department of Health and Human Services Outcomes Framework.

The Vic PCPs Future Directions 2018-2020 sets out a high level plan with clear direction for state-wide PCP initiatives over the next 2 years, supporting the platform to collectively respond and align with current and emerging government policy and reforms.

The achievements of Victorian Primary Care Partnerships in 2019 and 2020 are displayed in these infographics:

VicPCP Achievements 2020

VicPCP Achievements 2019

Vic PCPs Contributing to better health and wellbeing outcomes for our communities showcases some exceptional examples of case studies of PCP work across Victoria. The case studies have been presented in line with the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2016-19 to demonstrate how PCP work aligns with and supports the achievement of key government priorities.

The Vic PCP infographics provides an overview of the value add and return on investment of the PCP platform.